Follow through and good intentions

Ahh, what a perfect title for what I am thinking right now.

Follow through is what I haven’t done here with this blog thus far, but good intentions is what I had when I started! That happens to me ALL the time….which I will be the first to admit that is not a part of my character that I like. It is so easy to have good intentions and say that you will do this or that, but when it actually comes down to it – how often do we…not?

To help keep me accountable, I have started a few different practices this month and one I will mention here is this: dailies.

Dailies are tasks that I have thought about and decided that I want to complete every day – without question (or so that’s the idea). I have a few different categories such as faith, health, creativity, professional, and marriage. I have 1-3 tasks under each category – which seems like a lot, but an example of a task for me is drink 8 cups of water. That is totally doable and not that hard. So along with reading my devotional and bible, praying, spending intentional time with my husband, and reading a 1/2 hour every day (to name a few); I also want to write 500 words every day. That could be on here (like it is today) or in my prayer journal, or on a piece of paper that I will throw away – it doesn’t matter, I just want to write. So friends, that is a way that I will keep accountable to blogging. As I mentioned in my first post about why I am starting a blog in the first place is to be intentional and to reflect and grow through what God is trying to teach and show me every day through his daily grace. Today I am reminded that I am not perfect and I can have all the good intentions in the world, but still mess up every day. Which brings me to His grace and fills me with thankfulness that I have it. We have it. What an amazing thing to reflect on today.

But as much as I know that I will never be perfect in this life and will ALWAYS need His grace, I also know that I still need to try to be intentional and be disciplined and obedient. That’s how we show our love to God and it’s proof of a life that has been changed by the forgiving grace of God through Jesus. I pray that by practicing these dailies and marking off which ones I complete every day (I have a chart made for this), God will use this system to change me and what I am doing every day. I pray this system will not only make me a better steward of my time and resources, but also have a deeper connection with the Lord and with my husband, become healthier, and steadily grow in different skills, and overall use this INTENTIONALITY to FOLLOW THROUGH 🙂

Are there practices that you use to help keep you accountable? What are they?? I would love to hear more ideas 🙂


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