Taking the first step

So, here we are….I have been thinking about this day for months (literally). I have thought about all the ways to prepare, what I want this website to look like, and all the words I want to say. What it turned into, though, was this want for the end result that I knew I could not obtain without actually starting. Shocking, I know. The blogs that I have been reading that I use as examples for what I would want to emulate have been around for years. They have been worked on, changed, upgraded, changed again, and tweaked…for years. So my hope of having an instantly perfect place on the internet (whatever that is) came to a sad end, but at the end came excitement. It’s exciting to see what comes out of hard work and dedication! So here I am, writing my first post to what will, Lord Willing, turn into one of those blogs that transforms into….anything, something – Ha, I guess we will see where it goes!

The reason I am starting a blog in the first place is to see transformation in my own life (which will obviously take more than one post). This blog doesn’t look perfect right now, but that’s ok. Like my life, it is something that will need to be worked on, changed, and changed again through out time in order to even get on the path towards “perfection”. With everything, there is always a first step to take – and this is mine. I am looking at this blog as a way to keep me accountable. I want to grow in grace, gratitude, humility, and many many more things. I also enjoy writing and I am a lot better at writing my thoughts than speaking them in person. I hope to use this as a place to write down what God is teaching me and how He is using His never ending grace to change my life.  I want to live with more intentionality and I believe God has placed this desire/idea in my heart to help me do that. In the process of finding that “end result”, I hope and pray to encourage others through what God is doing in my life as well. With all that said, I invite you to follow along and join me on this vulnerable journey through life for years to come.